Healthy and 100% Natural

With our seafood networks in Grimsby and pet nutrition background the treats were developed to be 100% natural, responsibly sourced and each have their own health benefits.

The seafood and pet sectors are our team’s passion and are proud to supply 100% natural healthy treats alongside enabling the fishing sector to get a better return for the dangerous job they do!

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Grimsby UK is a well renowned fishing port town based alongside the river Humber and Lincolnshire coast.

Grimsby is internationally well known as a seafood processing cluster with over 70% of all seafood processed here. It is also one of the largest centres of fish processing in Europe. There are more than 100 local companies involved in fresh and frozen fish production.

Sea Treats manufacturers have two DEFRA approved factories, based right in the heart of Grimsby Docks.

This makes them well placed to receive fresh fish daily (Human Grade) for their Award Winning 100% natural treats!

Highest Human grade quality

Our suppliers and sourcing is under the tight control of our Business Development.

Fresh fish skins are supplied daily. It is all temperature controlled to ensure the best quality ingredients go into our treats.

Our fish is what would otherwise be underutilised from the same fish supplied to Supermarket retailers or food service sectors and is of the highest Human grade quality.


From our fresh daily sourced raw materials to the treat you give your pet we are able to trace the fish to the vessel and fishery it came from!

Our commitment is to source high quality fish from regulated, sustainable fisheries.

Sea Treats were the 1st to secure Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for its dog treats!